NAVtilus Mandatory Fields App for Dynamics365



The App Mandatory Field Setup enables you to setup that certain fields on records in a table must be specified – but also gives you the possibility to setup an action based on a condition. In example it is possible to setup that Customers having ‘Customer Posting Group “DENMARK” must have ‘Country/Region Code’ set to “DK”. If this is not the case, the field ‘Blocked’ will be set to “All”.

This is achieved by setup, where user selects a table, a condition field and value, and which fields that are mandatory – and optionally which value each field should have. When the user selects a conditional field, the content of this field moderates whether the set of required fields should be checked. If the mandatory fields do not meet the conditions, a consequence can be triggered per table. When triggered, the user selected field and value is applied on the record.

Getting started